A Few Helpful Facts

We know that everyone is not an expert on vehicle wraps. We expect you to have questions before, during and after your purchase. We’re always happy to answer whatever questions you have. Click the “Questions” banner icon above, there you will see a few that we hear a lot, with answers regarding the different kinds of wraps and how to get the most out of them.

Have questions regarding the care of your wrap? We have those answers for you too. Under the banner icon “Care”, you will learn how to properly care for your wrap as well as things to avoid.

Bang For Your Buck

Vehicle advertising is a media that reaches consumers that are otherwise not exposed to advertising through avenues such as newspaper or television, especially people with long commutes. Roughly 96% of Americans travel each week by vehicle either as a driver or a passenger, so the potential of reaching a future customer is extremely high. Mobile advertising is a unique way to deliver information about your companies services to your target audience with precision.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, vehicle advertising has the power to go where people are. Vehicle wraps can leave impressions almost anywhere, a parking lot, local restaurant, a shopping mall, the ballpark and on the highway. Vehicle wraps can reach people when they least expect it and their minds are open. Anywhere you take the vehicle, you are advertising. Capable of delivering millions of impressions in a densely populated area, the wrap demonstrates the power of a true mass medium. The head-turning ability is outstanding.

A recent 3M poll shows that:

  • 90% of consumers notice and read graphics on wrapped vehicles
  • 75% of consumers develop impressions about a company based on their fleet graphics
  • 30% of consumers will make buying decisions based on impressions they receive from company vehicles
  • 96% of people surveyed said fleet graphics have more impact than billboards

Statistics based on The Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) research