Questions About Vehicle Graphics

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap starts with a design that is created by our team, then printed on a high-performance adhesive back vinyl, laminated for UV and scratch protection, and finally installed or “wrapped” on a vehicle. Our installations are so precise it is often mistaken for a custom paint job.

How is a vehicle wrap designed?

Our creative team specializes in vehicle wrap design. They will work with you step by step through out the design process to ensure your message is conveyed accurately and reflects your company in the desired fashion.

What is a full or complete wrap?

Generate maximum impact with awesome results. With a complete wrap, your vehicle will demand attention in any location. It doesn’t matter what angle it’s viewed from, all eyes will be drawn to it. It does not matter what color your vehicle is to start with, we have you covered! One of the best features of a complete wrap is that the design takes on a destinctive look of its own by incorporating the body style of the chosen vehicle. A vehicle is a unique 3D canvas that is always ready for display.

What is a partial wrap?

This approach is a combination of traditional cut vinyl with the added pop of impressive photographic capabilities of the digital world. Using less vinyl than the full wrap, the color of the vehicle is taken into consideration. Full, half or partial simply refers to the percentage of the vehicle that is covered. This option is ideal for companies with a set budget and provides great impact in a cost effective solution.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?

Yes, all vehicles must be free of dirt, dust, pollen and other agents that may slow down the installation process.

How long will you need my vehicle for installation?

Installation normally takes one to two days depending on the size of the wrap.

Where is the wrap installed?

Vehicle wraps are installed at our indoor, climate controlled facility. This allows us to have access to all of our special equipment and also ensures a high quality installation. We also travel for wrap installations if required and travel fees may apply.

Can the design continue over the windows on my vehicle?

Yes, but only on windows to the rear of the driver. This portion of the wrap is printed on a special perforated vinyl that allows the driver and passengers to see out of the vehicle.

Can the wrap be removed from my vehicle?

Yes, the wrap can be removed. It is printed on a high-performance material that has a removable adhesive. However, we do not recommend that you try to remove the wrap yourself. When you are ready, we suggest having our experts tackle that project for you.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

No, when a vehicle wrap is installed correctly on factory paint that is in excellent condition, and then removed with care in the correct manner, it will not damage your OEM paint. It will actually protect your paint from scratches and sun damage during the duration it is on the vehicle.

How long will the wrap last?

You can expect the vertical surfaces of your wrap to last 5 years or longer if cared for in our suggested manner. Horizontal surfaces are subjected to direct sunlight and heat and these areas will usually show deterioration first.

What if my company information changes, can it be replaced?

Yes, any part of the design can be changed and updated with a new printed section that will be installed on top of the existing wrap. Logos, phone numbers, web addresses can all be swapped out for updated information.

Can I wrap a leased vehicle?

Yes, absolutely since the wrap can be removed without damaging the vehicle.

How do I care for my wrap?

We recommend hand washing your wrapped vehicle. We discourage the use of power washers and automatic carwashes because of high water pressure that can lift the edges and cause damage. Polishing regularly with a high quality polish is also suggested to retain a nice finish on the graphic. See the “Care” tab for more details.