Art Specifications for Submitting Files

Acceptable File Formats

Adobe® Illustrator® AI or EPS: Vector artwork. Convert all fonts to outlines. If the file contains Photoshop® images do not embed the images. Include all high-resolution images with artwork. Please send layered files only.

Adobe® Photoshop® PSD or TIF: Please send layered files only. All Photoshop® files must be created at correct dpi. Be sure to check image quality at full scale. Web images are not acceptable since they are saved at 72 dpi and have very low quality.

  • Full Scale @ 150 dpi
  • 1/2 Scale @ 300 dpi
  • 1/4 Scale @ 600 dpi

The following file format will be accepted but will result in additional art time: Adobe® InDesign®. Art time is $70 per hour. We do not accept Microsoft Office files for printing.

Color Specifications

All images should be in CMYK color format and not RGB. We strongly suggest that you select and assign PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors to your artwork. Please select your colors from the Pantone Solid Coated color book. If you use a CMYK mix we will match it to the closest Pantone color to produce your art. If PMS color selection is not possible please provide physical sample (color proof or swatch) for color matching purposes.

  • To ensure you get a pure black color, code your black CMYK values to: C-75%, M-75%, Y-75%, K-100%.
  • We cannot print metallic colors.
  • Pantone Solid Coated is the preferred PMS category to use when selecting colors.
  • Standard Illustrator Color Setting: North America General Purpose 2

It is the customers responsibility to make us aware of any critical colors BEFORE any job is sent to print, and not afterwards! If you would like us to check the accuracy of colors before printing, then it is essential that you make this clear when you place the order. If you are concerned about how a particular color will reproduce, then please request a physical color proof before we go to press (additional charge will apply for color proofing).

File Requirements

  • All files must include trim marks and bleed. We recommend a 4” inch bleed on all vehicle wraps.
  • All images that are placed into your artwork must be included when submitting final files.
  • All fonts used in your artwork must be included with your final files or converted to outlines.
  • Rasterize or expand appearance on any Illustrator effects such as drop shadows, glows and gradients. Or you can export file as a tiff.
  • Provide each design as a single file that can be sent directly to print.

Proofs Submitted With Files

It is very important that you supply a proof along with your artwork. Any critical colors must be marked and the scale at which your artwork was created.

  • Color Proof: Please include a color printout if you submit your artwork to us via CD/DVD.
  • PDF Proof: If artwork is supplied electronically, please provide a PDF that contains bleed and crop marks.
  • Jpeg Proof: Same specs as a PDF proof.

The above proofs help us when reviewing your artwork to ensure the resolutions, colors and fonts are as you specified.

Submitting Finalized Artwork

  • Files under 5 MB can be emailed to
  • Files can be supplied on clearly labeled CD/DVD’s.
  • Files can be sent using a file transfer service like or
  • Files can be sent via our FTP site using a FTP software like Fetch or Cyberduck. Please contact us for the user name and password.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions. Please proof your work, as Revolution Decal cannot be responsible for errors outside our scope of work.